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AFS products and hand-held foods go hand-in hand!

People are on the go! Consumers are demanding healthy, portable foods that offer quick preparation and easy clean-up. Whether the items are sweet or savory, AFS offers innovative products to improve the texture and filling stability of hand held foods, including egg rolls, tacquitos and filled crepes.

Ethnic egg roll flavor profiles like Thai Shrimp Egg Rolls utilize shrimp treated with Tenderbite™ 3525LS to improve cook yield, retain color and improve texture. Actobind® 3900 binds water and prevents filling blow-out. Modern egg roll fillings such as Breakfast Egg Rolls feature scrambled eggs cooked with EggRite™ 16 ,   Chef-Ready™ Seasonings and AFS Salt Replacers . Combinations such as these provide high quality flavor and nutrition for convenience oriented consumers while extending yield, improving texture and providing excellent flavor.

Tacquito tortilla texture and machine-ability are improved by Actobind® EPS . Sealtite® FB17 is an effective, edible sealant with a broad range of applications that prevents unwrapping. Freeze thaw stable sauces, such as Chef-Ready™ Monterey Jack Sauce CM #16 , provide distinct flavor for taquitos while offering the benefit of a low or reduced-sodium label.

Fillings can be made more cost effective and flavorful by including Easy Brown Onions™ , chicken meat marinated with Actobind™ CTS-10 or ground beef cooked with Actobind™ GB14 . Each of these products improves texture, increases

yield and maintains consistency throughout production and subsequent reconstitution. AFS Flavor Boosters™ can be added to reduce the amount of expensive components, such as cheese, while improving flavor.

Actogel™ products are an effective agent to control water migration in fruit fillings. Actobind™ 3924 provides freeze thaw and emulsion stability to fillings while Actobind™ 9021 stabilizes ricotta cheeses and improves baked texture; both prevent blow-outs or runny fillings. Cost control is further assisted by using ReadiCream® as a direct replacement of Heavy Cream or Half & Half.

The hand-held food market is continuing to grow. AFS provides customized solutions in a wide range of flavors that enhance quality and provide cost savings.

For additional information on our products, please contact Technical Services at (800) 787-3067 or lab@afsnj.com .


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