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Saucy Glazes – Protective Coatings or Flavorful Sauces? How about both!

The SaucyGlaze product line from Advanced Food Systems protects food during the IQF process, and during transportation and storage. They also turn into a wonderfully-flavorful sauce on top of the food when prepared. SaucyGlaze systems are water-based, and work across a wide range of preparation and reconstitution techniques.

SaucyGlaze systems are synergistic combinations of hydrocolloids, starches, emulsifiers, seasonings and flavors. They are formulated product-by-product in order to match the desired requirements of food including meat, poultry, seafood, and vegetables. They are custom-designed to work without cooking and can be applied to IQF foods using a variety of glazing methods. The finished products have a pleasing glossy appearance, and during reconstitution, the glaze becomes a very tasty sauce.

Product Protection:
When properly and easily applied to an IQF food item, the SaucyGlaze provides an immediate protective coat on the food, nearly eliminating freezer burn and moisture loss during storage and distribution.

Low-Fat Application:
Since the SaucyGlaze is water-based, it allows reduction of the overall fat content of the food. Foods with SaucyGlaze can be microwaved, baked, or stir-fried, and will result in a top-coat of a flavorful and clingy sauce. SaucyGlazes have been successfully applied in presentations such as Alfredo, lobster, scampi, Cajun, and Mediterranean. Custom developed flavors are available as well.

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