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Buffalo, Not Just for Chicken Anymore!

Once associated only with chicken wings, the familiar buffalo flavor profile has become the feature flavor for many different foods in the U.S., ranging from pizza to meatballs to popcorn. At AFS, we’ve developed a consistent buffalo profile that has since been well integrated into our product lines of marinades, glazes, topical seasonings and chicken wing systems for all your application needs.

AFS buffalo marinades are specifically formulated for use with pork, beef, seafood and chicken. Each marinade is designed to deliver the conventional orange-colored, fermented pepper, vinegar and butter flavor associated with buffalo. Available in our chicken wing marinade systems are the customary post-cook, hot sauce-added methodology or the newly developed dry ingredient buffalo wing system. These unique marinades offer superior yield , flavor and texture , while reducing waste and processing costs . This makes the consumers eating experience better with great wings and less mess.

In addition to the marinades, we offer a versatile collection of topical buffalo seasonings that are great for use on snack foods, french fries, meat products and vegetables. Each seasoning system was designed to obtain the desired pick-up and cling for optimizing product flavor and value . Our line of glazes represents an adjunct line to these topical seasonings. They are applied to raw products which, upon cooking, provide a buffalo-glazed or sauced product.

Allow the culinary and food science experts hear your questions and assist in developing solutions to your food product challenges. Contact us today for more information regarding buffalo flavored products.

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