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Enjoy Quality & Convenience with AFS Instant Sauce Bases

Today’s consumers seek convenient foods that can be quickly prepared and have a made-from-scratch quality. To meet these demands, food manufacturers are challenged to produce new products while keeping production lines efficient and inventory low.  AFS Instant Sauce  bases offer solutions to both of these challenges

AFS Instant Sauce  bases are formulated with high quality functional and flavor ingredients and are manufactured in our  SQF certified  facility. These sauce bases only require simple mixing of powder, water and occasionally, other common ingredients such as oil. The sauces have excellent  freeze-thaw stability  and upon microwave cooking, exhibit strong  emulsions , excellent  texture  and pleasing  aromas . Each is also designed to cling to other components of the dish during cooking. The sauces can be combined with beef, poultry, seafood or vegetables to create unique and flavorful entrees, side dishes or fillings.

The  AFS R&D  team can develop  custom flavor profiles  or tailor existing flavors to meet any ingredient or allergen restrictions.

For additional information on our products, please contact Technical Service at  (800) 787-3067  or  lab@afsnj.com




. Ginger Teriyaki

. Flamed Chipotle Tomato

. Thai Curry

. Rockefeller

. Bienville

. Tangerine Chipotle

. Creamy Lemon Dill

. Mac & Cheese

. Tomato Basil

. Alfredo

. Pizza

. American Cheese

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