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SaucyGlaze™ – the perfect balance of function and flavor!

SaucyGlaze™ systems from AFS are innovative glazes that are full of flavor and functionality. When applied to a substrate, the glazes quickly setup and form a protective coating. When the food product is prepared, the glaze melts and becomes a flavorful sauce. These multi-tasking systems are easy to use, help maximize processing efficiencies and can be customized to meet flavor profile and nutritional requirements.

SaucyGlaze™ systems blend elements of function and flavor to form one ingredient system that can easily be used by chefs, food scientists and processors. The cost-effective, complete systems help to minimize batching errors while providing protection and consistent flavor to IQF seafood, meat and vegetables. The treated foods are also easy to separate, providing portion control and minimizing breakage / chipping in the finished product.

SaucyGlaze™   systems are available in water- or oil-based versions and can be applied to either chilled or frozen products. After hydration, the glaze is then applied by dip or waterfall method to the food item, where it sets in seconds to form a hardened protective coating with a glossy appearance and no smearing. The protective coating virtually eliminates freezer-burn and moisture loss during storage and minimizes packaging and distribution damage.

Foods coated with SaucyGlaze™ can be microwaved, baked, or stir-fried, and will result in a flavorful sauce when heated. SaucyGlaze™   systems are available in neutral bases and in numerous flavor profiles, including scampi, Alfredo, cheddar and lemon butter. Teriyaki and BBQ versions are also available, which unlike their traditional counterparts, freeze solid. Our expert culinary and food science team can develop custom flavor profiles or formulations to meet nutritional guidelines including sodium, calorie and fat restrictions.

SaucyGlaze™ systems are a great example of food technology. Processors like their ease of use and protective qualities – consumers like their flavorful sauces and convenience!

For additional information on SaucyGlaze™ , please contact Technical Services at (800) 787-3067 or lab@afsnj.com .

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