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Innovative Dry Chef-Ready® Bases, Create Soups and Sauces with Great Flavor, Texture, and Low Cost!

To offset continuous climbing ingredient and energy costs, Advanced Food Systems is introducing an innovative new line of dry bases to be used in producing frozen and retorted sauces, soups and ready-to-eat meals for foodservice or retail. These Chef-Ready® Bases maintain excellent flavor, color, and texture throughout the cooking process, including retorting.

Chef-Ready® Bases are available in a wide variety of flavor profiles such as marinara sauce, cheddar cheese sauce, butter sauce, and demi-glace; chicken, beef, vegetable, and seafood stocks; soup bases; and chili. Custom formulations are also available. The dry bases are easily hydrated at ambient or warm temperatures, and can be readily combined with meat, pasta or other ingredients prior to processing. The bases are specially formulated with cost-effective ingredients that maintain texture, color and flavor during cooking and final preparation. In many cases the final flavor is enhanced during cooking due to the development of reaction flavors.

Chef-Ready® Bases, when used in both retort and traditional processes, reduce costs by creating energy savings throughout the process. They are easy to combine with other formulations, hydrate quickly, and simplify production. They also reduce overall finished product costs because they are more cost-effective to transport as dry ingredients and do not require refrigerated or frozen storage.

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