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Create Smart Seafood Products with AFS Ingredient Systems!

Consumers have long been aware that a diet including seafood several times a week is associated with a healthy, smarter lifestyle. As they seek to create this lifestyle they are also looking for products that are consistent in quality, are flavorful, and are easy to prepare. This presents fish processors with several challenges.

AFS offers an array of product lines for whole muscle and formed fish that can help processors develop unique products, provide consistent flavor and texture, and yet are easy to prepare and satisfy customer’s palates!

Tenderbite   and   SeasonRite® Marinades   are all specially designed marinade systems used to improve the quality of finished seafood products. These products increase cooked yield, as well as improve texture and color upon reheating.

Actobind® FB-40   is a specially developed binding & texture system designed to create formed fish steaks, reshaped fillets, patties and nuggets. It provides excellent binding and moisture retention during freezing and cooking of raw fish.

Fresh ‘O Fish®   is a flavoring system designed to maintain flavor consistency across a wide range of species regardless of seasonal fluctuations or farming conditions. Using Fresh ‘O Fish® will help minimize fishy off-flavors and extend shelf-life by retarding oxidative rancidity.

SaucyGlaze®   for shrimp or fish is designed to protect the integrity of the fish during freezing. When heated, SaucyGlaze®   furnishes the dish with a flavorful sauce. Glazed products can be stir-fried, micro-waved or baked. They are available in a multitude of flavor profiles, such as Shrimp Scampi, Tomato Herb, Thai Curry, Alfredo and Lemon Butter, or any customized flavor.

Seal ‘N Crisp®   and   Seal ‘N Crunch®   are pre-dust and batter systems   designed for breaded, par-fried and fully fried products. They produce finished products that are crispy on the outside, and moist and juicy on the inside and remain crispy as the product cools or when held under a heat lamp. Both product lines improve batter adhesion and provide a moisture barrier that helps to reduce spotting and oil absorption.

AFS’ expert culinary and food science team provides customized solutions that enhance the quality of your products and provide cost savings. Our ingredient systems   are excellent choices to enhance the presentation and flavor of your seafood products.

Make AFS your technical partner for innovative food ingredient solutions!

For additional information on our products, please contact Technical Service at (800) 787-3067 or lab@afsnj.com.


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