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Fight the Rising Cost of Eggs

The surge of corn prices has led to escalated cost of eggs by as much as 55% between 2006 and end of 2007, and the price still remains volatile this year! To help manage these high prices AFS recently developed the BakeRiteTM ER product line.

BakeRite™ ER are custom developed dry ingredient systems that are designed to replace between 45% to 100% of liquid whole eggs or whole egg solids with a proprietary blend of dry ingredients that provide similar functionality. The suggested starting usage levels are 1 part BakeRite™ ER can replace 7.5 to 8.5 parts liquid egg or 4.5 to 6 parts whole egg powder.

BakeRite™ ER works in a variety of baking applications such as pound cake, muffins, cupcakes and cookies. By drastically reducing the amount of whole egg solids in the total formula, BakeRite™ ER provides cost savings while maintaining the natural texture and flavor, excellent air cell structure and finished product volume.

Added benefits of using the BakeRite™ ER system are finished products that are lower in cholesterol and fat and have extended shelf-life. By replacing a substantial amount of the whole egg solids, fat and cholesterol are reduced. Since BakeRite™ ER retards the staling process, products remain tender and moist after extended periods of storage.

For more information about our this or other products, please contact Technical Services at (800) 787-3067.

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