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Reach new markets with Kosher products from AFS!

When your products need to be Kosher because of retail or customer requirements, or when you want to create Kosher products in order to reach new markets, think of AFS. We have a tremendous amount of experience in creating Kosher products.

In addition, you may simply want to use Kosher products for the assurance that they have been manufactured under additional oversight. As the food supply chain continues to undergo intense scrutiny, extra assurances can be of great value.

Kosher Certification:
Having a product certified as Kosher certainly means that it meets all applicable Kashrus regulations. This is typically the most important reason for obtaining Kosher status. However Kosher certification can also go well beyond this primary need. Proper certification also acknowledges that the company’s procedures, processes, equipment, materials, documentation, and communication with the Kosher certifying agency are functional and integrated.

Food Safety:
AFS considers its approach to ensuring the Kosher status of its products to be tantamount to the samevigilance and approach we take to food safety in general. Doing our part to protect the integrity of the food supply chain is extremely important to us, particularly during these times of increased public concern. For example, the procedures we use to maintain vigilance around allergens in the Plant apply equally well to ensuring that Kosher ingredients are identified, stored, handled, and packaged properly.

As with our allergen-control program, such ingredients and products are manufactured on controlled lines, and their integrity is maintained throughout the entire production and packaging regimen.

The result is a finished product whose heritage is dependable. Our philosophy is that “kosher” is not an add-on, but a way of doing business.

We would like to thank our Kosher certification agency, KOF-K , for the excellent support they have given us over the years. They have helped ensure that our Kosher products meet all of the regulations. They have also educated us and helped improve the diligence we take to this very important class of foods.

For more information about our Kosher or other products, please contact Technical Services at (800) 787-3067.

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