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Fresher Tasting Fish Solution from AFS

The trend toward healthier eating has increased the demand for all types of seafood and subsequently raised the pressure on already diminished fish stocks. To help alleviate tight supplies, fish processors are relying upon aquaculture and exploring new, more sustainable species. Although readily available and reasonably inexpensive to produce, this fish supply offers texture and flavor challenges to processors and consumers.

We’ve introduced TenderBite RFF as a specially developed, clean label marinade designed to solve some of the traits often associated with alternative species and farm raised fish. TenderBite RFF can be used in soaking, injection or vacuum tumble applications with benefits for different species including Salmon, Catfish, Tilapia, Rockfish, Basa, Sway, and Barramundi.

As raw materials and consumer demands change, so does the answers to these changes. Select AFS as the consistent source for solutions to your culinary challenges.

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  • Reduce muddy, algae and other off flavors
  • Improve color in cooked fish
  • Increase cooked yield
  • Enhance texture
  • Enhance the desirable fresh fish flavor
  • Helps reduce or eliminate seasonal variations in flavors
  • Works well in both freshwater and saltwater species – such as salmon, catfish, tilapia, rockfish, basa, sway, barramundi and more.
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