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Quality Steak WITHOUT Breaking the Bank

Consumers consider steak a luxury item and when ordered in a dining establishment, they expect it to be tender, flavorful and juicy.  At the same time, they still look to get the most value for their meals.  This can prove to be challenging to suppliers and processors, especially as beef prices continue to rise.

As ingredient specialists, we understand market trends and the formulation challenges encountered by rising meat and processing costs.  Our SeasonRite® Marinade Injectable (SRMI) Beef Steak meets these challenges by enhancing the overall quality of steaks.

Let the culinary and food science experts at Advanced Food Systems help meet your product challenges so that your customers can enjoy the foods they deserve at a price they prefer.  Contact us today for more information.

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SeasonRite Marinade Injectable (SRMI) Beef Steak is a functional and flavored marinade system for various grade cuts of steak. It provides the following functions and benefits :

- Increases cooked yield

- Improves freeze-thaw stability (in both raw/marinated and fully-cooked/frozen products)

- Provides a more tender and juicy cooked texture

- Helps to prevent discoloration of meat

- Prevents/delays oxidation and off-flavors

- Reduces purge during thawing

- Enhances the natural beef flavor

- Functional and flavor ingredients in one blend – easy to batch, easy inventory control

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