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As Easy as Easy-Brown™

Customers can reduce cost with our new formula! The Easy-Brown™ product line from Advanced Food Systems delivers roasted flavor and caramel color for bakery, meat and vegetable applications. These systems speed food processing, increase product yields, and provide freeze-thaw stability.

Easy-Brown™ – Bakery Applications
Easy-Brown™ systems for bakery are multifunctional browning systems for various baked goods. Easy-Brown™ systems produce a consistent golden brown color with a glossy sheen and can be used to replace liquid egg washes. In addition to browning, Easy-Brown™ systems can also be used to prevent moisture migration. These systems work excellent in products such as pie crusts, Danish and croissants.

Easy-Brown™ – Meat Applications
Easy-Brown™ systems can be used in a wide variety of meat products such as chicken, beef and pork. They accelerate browning and provide a caramelized color and rich flavor. By reducing the cook times and temperatures, Easy-Brown™ also helps to increase cook yield. Easy-Brown™ systems can be applied by spray, tumbling or various glazing applications before cooking.

Easy-Brown™ – Vegetable Applications
Easy-Brown™ systems have been developed for a variety of vegetables that can be cooked in an oven, kettle or retort. They produce traditional caramelized color and flavor with a much shorter cook time.

Easy-Brown™ systems also help to increase freeze-thaw stability, reduce cook time and shrinkage as well as improve texture. These systems are excellent for pizza toppings, caramelized onions and IQF roasted vegetables. AFS can custom-develop or modify Easy-Brown™ systems to meet the requirements for any food products.

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