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Clean Label Options for your Marinade Products!

“Natural, Real, No Preservatives, No Additives.” These are just a few key words consumers are looking for when deciding to go with a clean label product. Despite there being no formal definition, “clean label” is a term that is now widely used in the food industry.

Most recent research shows that consumers want simple food labels along with natural and organic foods. But in today’s economic climate, they are not willing to pay more. So you might think that going clean label will be difficult and costly. Not necessarily. With our expert culinary and food science team, we can show you how easy and cost-effective it can be.

AFS offers several clean label flavored marinade systems that makes your products tastier, juicier, and more tender all the while maintaining a clean label.

Actobind® 2000N

Actobind® 2000N  is an unmodified tapioca starch.  Actobind® 2000N  provides high cooked yield with a firm texture, a natural fibrous mouthfeel and excellent freeze/thaw stability.

Actobind® CB-3N

A clean label texture system designed to be used for marinating whole muscle chicken fillets or chunks.  Actobind® CB-3N  provides excellent cooked yield, firm natural bite, and it reduces or eliminated sticking on the grill (flat) or belt (oven).

Actobind® WA-10N

Actobind® WA-10N  is a clean label system without a potential allergen (Soy).  Actobind® WA-10N  provides high cooked yield with firm texture. This stabilizing system helps whole muscle chicken maintain its juiciness for an extended time upon reconstitution.

Sealtite® Chicken Wing Marinade

Sealtite® Chicken Wing Marinade is a clean label, flavored marinade system for chicken wings that provides high cooked yield and a savory chicken flavor. This marinade works well with our product, Seal ‘N Crisp® CLW T#10 which is a precoat system that provides an excellent moisture barrier to give a juicy interior and a crispy external texture.

AFS’ expert culinary and food science team provides customized clean label solutions without sacrificing function, food safety, or, the quality of your products. Make AFS your technical partner for innovative food ingredient solutions!

For additional information on our products, please contact  Technical Service  at (800) 787-3067 or lab@afsnj.com.
Advanced Food Systems, Inc. : developers and manufacturers of custom ingredient systems for the perfect balance of flavor and texture!

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