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Transform Your Food Product into a Bold and Flavorful Latin American Dish!

At  AFS® , we specialize in developing new and exciting food solutions to meet today’s consumer trends. Our  SeasonRite® Marinades  are marinade bases that combine unique flavors and functionality to  increase cook yield improve texture  and  provide balanced flavor  in the finished application. These ingredient systems make processing and storage easier with our all-in-one blends. When combined with water and the desired mea,  SeasonRite® Marinade  creates cost-effective additions to your product line. 

We are now extending our  SeasonRite® Marinade  family with authentic Latin American flavors including  Chimichurri Achiote Al Pastor  and  Savory Ancho Fajita . These Latino-inspired flavor profiles spice up your finished products by adding the taste of tradition. Our new editions give consumers the flavorful food experience of Latin America without ever leaving the country. 

Our unique  custom ingredient systems  provide solutions that implement technological advances to food production in order to match function with flavor. They are designed to help meet your food challenges and the demands of the consumer market. Make  AFS®  your technical partner for innovative food ingredient solutions.

For additional information on our products, please contact Technical Service at  (800) 787-3067  or  lab@afsnj.com .



To accommodate your processing needs,  SeasonRite® Marinade  comes in different variations depending on the application.


Our  SeasonRite® Chimichurri  marinade brings an authentic Argentinian flavor to your finished product. It’s a combination of spices and herbs with citrus accents that work perfectly on beef or chicken.


SeasonRite® Marinade Achiote  imparts an earthy pepper flavor, a hint of citrus and a blend of spices associated with Mexico. It creates an authentic flavor and color in your finished product. Great for beef and chicken.


SeasonRite® Marinade Al Pastor marinade features peppers, fruit notes, spices, and grilled flavors to create product that closely resemble meat that has been cooked on a split. Excellent on pork, chicken and beef.


SeasonRite® Marinade Savory Ancho Fajita combines the traditional fajita flavors with Ancho chili and other herbs and spices that perfectly compliment beef or chicken.

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