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Sous-vide cookery, developed as an alternate form of cooking to preserve delicate flavor and textures of food prepared by fine restaurant kitchens, is an expanding method of commercial food processing. Fostered by recent innovations in vacuum food packaging and equipment, the quality and safety of sous-vide processing has improved but processors are still challenged by low cooked yields, high amounts purge and/or inconsistent meat texture.

Advanced Food Systems ®  introduces solutions to these and other low temperature cooking issues. AFS marinade systems for sous-vide and cook-in-bag preparations are designed specifically for the conditions of prolonged cook time and low temperatures in vacuum sealed conditions. These systems are effective at increasing cooked yield by binding water thus reducing purge and food shrinkage without compromising flavor and texture.

These AFS marinade systems are tailored for use in injected, vacuum tumble and static soaked systems. Available as neutral or seasoned bases, they may also be combined with our specifically formulated rubs, glazes or sauce systems.

Regardless of traditional sous-vide or high temperature cook-in-bag methods, AFS marinades provide superior flavor and function to your food processing operation.



  • SeasonRite ® Marinade line includes flavored marinade bases that increase cook yield, improve texture and provide balanced flavor.
  • SeasonRite ® Marinade Injectables are custom flavored marinades that can be injected into meat, poultry, and seafood to increase cooked yield, improve texture and provide balanced flavor.
  • Actobind ® product series is a group of hydrocolloid texture and flavor systems that can be used to enhance quality and performance in various applications, including frozen meat/poultry and bakery products. They provide superior binding and water control.
  • Seal ‘N Season Dry Glaze is an excellent choice to enhance the presentation and flavor of meat products. It is a dry base that is easy to use and store and can be customized to meet your needs.
  • Chef-Ready includes a versatile assortment of functional and flavorful seasoning and bases that can be used in dips, dressings, and glazes. We can also customize our Chef-Ready ® to be used in gravy, pudding, sauce/soup, and stock.
  • SeasonRite ® Seasonings helps create perfectly balanced flavor in a wide range of food applications and offer a clean label.
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