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Advanced Food Systems - Custom Ingredient Solutions for Food Manufacturers

Who We Are

Founded in 1982, Advanced Food Systems ® (AFS) makes problem solving for finished food product manufacturers possible through the development of custom ingredient solutions. The AFS team is a diverse group of ages, cultures and backgrounds that brings a wealth of expert knowledge and experience to satisfy both customer and consumer.

What We Do

AFS offers a wide range of flavorful and functional products that are cost effective throughout all stages of the production process. We develop and manufacture ingredient solutions to solve industry challenges such as meeting clean label standards without sacrificing quality or function. Our approach to relationship building is not simply selling an ingredient, but instead partnering with our customer’s R&D team and delivering results that meet their processing needs.

Communication for 2019

This year, AFS will be distributing tailormade newsletters focusing on the issues addressed by the AFS R&D group. Our strategy is to deliver the most applicable information to our audience. We want to ensure that customers utilize our full capabilities by understanding how much we can accomplish together. This will serve to improve understanding of our customers current and upcoming needs. AFS also plans to continue with proposing new product ideas as projections to staying ahead of rising challenges.

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Need to enhance a product, improve process efficiency or reduce costs? We can help.

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