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Advanced Food Systems can solve your emulsion stability problems!

Advanced Food Systems offers an array of products that address emulsions for the food industry. Emulsions which are properly made provide soups, sauces, gravies, fillings and dressings with smooth textures and creamy appearance. In poorly formulated emulsions these products appear greasy or separated, particularly upon re-heating after freezing.

Actoloid® 2789 , 2124 , and   665   are stabilizer and emulsifier systems designed to prevent fat separation during microwave reheating or prolonged heating on steam tables. Actoloid® systems provide formulators with several emulsifier options depending upon the amount of fat (oil/water or water/oil), the composition of the finished product and the desired end texture. The finished products have superior freeze/thaw stability and improved post-thaw flavor.

High heat processing exposes food to harsh conditions that can break poorly made emulsions. ReadiEmulsion™ systems require minimal processing and create heat-stable, neutral flavored emulsions. The emulsions can then be combined with seasonings and vegetables to create various creamy soups and sauces.

Chef-Ready® Retort Sauce Bases are complete dry blends of functional and flavor ingredients. When hydrated in water and combined with oil, they produce a stable emulsion that is maintained during and after retorting. The finished sauces have excellent color and flavor stability, and a creamy texture. Chef-Ready® Retort Sauce Bases   are available in several flavor profiles such as cheddar, butter, cream, and beurre blanc.

Chef-Ready® Dressing Bases are dry emulsifier/stabilizer systems designed for easy preparation of cold make-up oil/water or water/oil dressings. The bases create fine or coarse emulsions and are available in a number of flavor profiles. Chef-Ready® Dressing Bases can be used to formulate shelf-stable or refrigerated dressings.

Advanced Food Systems’ emulsion/stabilizing systems produce stable emulsions for proper flavor delivery and product appearance. The systems are easy to use and can be customized to meet your processing and product needs.

For additional information on our emulsion systems, please contact Technical Service at (800) 787-3067 or lab@afsnj.com .

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