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Cheese sauce is a common ingredient in a variety of food products.  They range from being one of the largest ingredients in Mac & Cheese to a condiment or topping for snack items. But, regardless of how much or how little cheese sauce is used in the finished product, consumers expect a creamy, smooth texture with an identifiable cheese flavor.

Recent additions to the AFS Actoloid product line have been specifically developed for cheese sauce.  These new Actoloid products are stabilizer systems designed to produce cheese sauces consisting of a smooth and creamy mouthfeel along with excellent coating and cling.  In addition to enhancing mouthfeel, these stabilizers improve freeze/thaw stability, prevent fat separation, reduce skin formation on steam tables and do not mask flavor.

Actoloids work especially well in cheese sauces where acidic ingredients such as hot sauces, canned peppers or tomatoes are added.  They have been formulated to help protect dairy proteins from heat and acid thus maintaining a smooth and creamy mouthfeel.  In addition to cheese sauces, these stabilizers can be used in cheese soups and dips.

AFS also offers Chef-Ready Cheese Sauce Bases which have both functional and flavor components.  Chef-Ready Cheese Sauce Bases are available in a variety of flavors and require a minimal number of ingredients to create creamy, flavorful and stable sauces.  Our Cheese Flavor Boosters can be added to cheese sauces to enhance cheese flavor and can cut cost by allowing for a reduction in cheese.

Please contact AFS for samples requests and more information on our solutions.

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