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Obtaining Health Benefits from Flavorful Low-Sodium Stock Bases, While Reducing Costs!

The Chef-Ready® Stock Base product line from Advanced Food Systems offers formulators an easy and convenient way to add rich flavors to products while reducing sodium content and saving costs.

Reducing Salt:
Health-conscious consumers pay great attention to sodium levels listed on labels. Unfortunately, most stock bases in the market contain high levels of salt. Chef-Ready® Stock Bases can be formulated with low sodium, natural and/or uncolored ingredients. They still provide full flavor profiles, available in chicken, beef, turkey, seafood and vegetable flavors. Also, AFS can custom-develop or modify any stock base to meet our customers’ needs.

Reducing Costs:
Rising ingredient, freight and energy costs over the past year have been a major concern for consumers. Since all Chef-Ready® Stock Bases are in powder form and require no refrigeration during storage, they have an excellent shelf-life and are much less perishable than water-containing paste or liquid stocks. Being in powder form also allows them to be easily weighed and simplifies their use in production and in transportation.

All Chef-Ready® Stock Bases can be easily added to any seasoning blend, sauce or gravy base, fillings, or marinades that will be injected or tumbled. They hydrate quickly and easily in warm or hot water and are retort stable.

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