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AFS functional seasoning systems improve flavor impact and visual appeal of meat products!

Seal ‘N Season™ Dry Glaze systems do more for meat than typical seasonings - they are specially designed to improve the appearance and flavor of Beef, Fish, Poultry and Pork.

Seal ‘N Season™ Dry Glaze systems can be customized to produce a variety of flavors and visuals in finished products, including dry finishes, glazed or wet finishes and saucy finishes. For example, Seal ‘N Season Glaze Rotisserie T#4 provides sheen, an evenly- browned finish, and a savory rotisserie flavor upon reconstitution of chicken. It has excellent adhesion and can be applied before or after cooking.

Seal ‘N Season™ Dry Glaze systems are available in many different flavor profiles, including Habanero Lime, Honey BBQ, Lemon Dill, Scampi, Teriyaki, Brown Gravy and Roasted Garlic. Customized flavors can easily be developed in our state-of the-art kitchen.

Seal ‘N Season™ Dry Glaze   systems can be used alone or in conjunction with AFS SeasonRite™ Marinades . SeasonRite™ Marinades are binding systems that improve cooked yield and texture and provide balanced flavor (see What’s New! January 2009 at www.afsnj.com ). Using the Dry Glaze systems together with the Marinade systems can significantly enhance and/or complement flavor profiles, while at the same time increasing production flexibility.

All   Seal ‘N Season™ Dry Glaze systems and SeasonRite™ Marinades are excellent choices to enhance the presentation and flavor of meat products. They are dry bases that are easy to use and store, can be used independently or together and can be customized to meet your needs.

For additional information on our Seal ‘N Season™ systems, please contact Technical Services at (800) 787-3067 or lab@afsnj.com.


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