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Innovative Predust Systems

Improve Adhesion, Moisture Control and Texture in your Finished Product with AFS’ Predust Systems

Predusts are critical components to any batter and breaded food product.  They are the primary interface between the substrate and coating and these systems play a key role in optimizing coating adhesion.  Predusts also play a vital role in determining the texture of both the substrate and the coating after cooking and/or re-heating.  They help prevent moisture from migrating into the coatings, thus keeping the substrate moist and the coating crispy.  Predusts can also be used to incorporate flavor into finished products.

AFS ® offers predust systems for various substrates such as chicken, pork, beef, seafood, vegetables and more.  Each predust is designed based on the natural characteristics of the substrate as well as the cooking process and reconstitution method.

Achieving the right balance of flavor and texture is essential to developing successful products. Our expert culinary and food science team is ready to help develop a customized ingredient system for your food challenge.

For additional information on our products, please contact Technical Service at  (800) 787-3067  or  lab@afsnj.com .



If you’re looking for better adhesion or customized flavor and texture, AFS ® has what you need. Please see some of our solutions offered below or contact us for even more products and customization.

SEAL ‘N CRISP ® FVS – An egg free predust and batter system which provides good adhesion, a tempura appearance and a crunchy texture upon re-heating in a fryer.

SEAL ‘N CRISP ® PRECOAT CS – A specially developed predust for high moisture substrates that are battered, breaded and par-fried. It improves batter and breading adhesion, and helps keep the products crispy by reducing moisture migration into the breading.

SEAL ‘N CRISP ® PC – A predust system for whole muscle cutlet like products that are fully cooked, frozen and re-heated from frozen in the microwave.  It improves batter and breading adhesion and helps keep breading crispy upon microwave reheating and after product cools.

SEAL ‘N CRISP ® PREDUST SOC – A predust system which provides excellent adhesion of breading to skin on chicken and a crunchy texture upon frying when used in combination with Seal ‘N Crisp ® Batter SOC . AFS Southern Style Breader provides an authentic southern fried chicken appearance and a crunchy texture upon re-heating in a fryer.

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