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Although there is no clear legal definition of “clean label”, many forces within the food industry have increasingly taken more of a clean-label approach to product formulation.

Advanced Food Systems is aware of current market trends and is working very hard to meet our customers’ needs for “clean labels” without sacrificing product quality. Our all natural Actobind® texture and binding system is just one of the useful line of products that we have developed as a result of consumer preference in such areas.

The all natural Actobind® product line improves cooked yields, reduces purge, and facilitates a range of textures (from a natural firm bite to very moist and tender) in whole chicken breast filets, tenders, and nuggets – all while maintaining a clean label and adhering to the general guidelines of major natural-food retailers like Whole Foods.

We can select from a wide range of Actobind® systems in order to match the functionality of our customers’ existing products. Some options within the Actobind® line include:

  • ANC-1 for high cooked yield and juiciness while providing a natural cooked texture of chicken breast meat.
  • ANC-4 for high cooked yield and firm natural juicy texture while providing excellent freeze/thaw stability.
  • WA-10N for an allergen-free marinade system that provides a firm natural texture with excellent cooked yield.

We carefully select specific ingredients when developing the systems to provide maximum functionality and stability. Formulators can easily combine the Actobind® systems with variety of seasonings or flavors. We can also develop customized versions to meet our customers’ specific texture and ingredient requests.

For more information about our Actobind® line or other products, please contact Technical Services at (800)787-3067.

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