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Ground beef represents a substantial portion of total beef sales in the U.S. market. This statistic combined with diminishing supply, foretells elevated costs to the processors of cooked ground beef. AFS has an effective answer which will improve the quality of your product and raise your bottom line.


SRM GB-16 is the solution for beef processors looking to reduce costs and/or extend ground beef. This marinade is easy-to-use, whether hydrated or dispersed as a dry ingredient on raw ground beef prior to cooking in a kettle or other types of mixers.


SRM GB-16 provides the following benefits in ground beef:

  • Improves texture – more tender and juicy, less mealy
  • Cost savings through increased cook yield and extended beef
  • Prevents/reduces fat oxidation
  • Reduces fat separation
  • Prevents “fat capping” in chili or meat sauces

At Advanced Food Systems, we strive to provide our customers with technology based long term solutions which improve texture and flavor as well as maximize yield and profits.

For additional information on our products, please contact Technical Service at  (800) 787-3067  or  lab@afsnj.com .



Ground beef prepared with SRM GB-16 can be used in various applications including:

- Beef chili

- Meat sauces, gravies, and stews

- Beef fillings for tacos, burritos, and ravioli

- Beef pizza toppings

- Ground beef for frozen entrees

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