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AFS expands our Fresh 'O systems for all of your meat and seafood processing needs!

AFS has improved and expanded the Fresh ‘O™ flavor system to include applications for Beef, Pork, Turkey and Chicken in addition to  Fish (March 2009 Newsletter) . The improved lines of flavoring systems are excellent for maintaining, enhancing or masking the flavor and appearance of whole muscle meats, ground meat, imported meats and grass-fed meats.

1. Fresh ‘O Beef™

  • Reduces green / grassy notes
  • Masks metallic notes
  • Prevents warmed over flavor
  • Protects color

2. Fresh ‘O Pork™

  • Reduces / prevents oxidative rancidity
  • Prevents warmed over flavor
  • Masks gaminess

3. Fresh ‘O Turkey™

  • Masks gaminess
  • Prevents warmed over flavor
  • Lightens color

4. Fresh ‘O Chicken™

  • Reduces strong flavor in dark meat
  • Prevents warmed over flavor
  • Lightens color

5. Fresh ‘O Fish™

  • Minimizes “fishy” off-flavors
  • Can be modified for specific species and preparation methods

Each Fresh ‘O™ system reduces or prevents freezer burn. This is especially important for products that are frozen for extended periods of time or exposed to multiple freeze / thaw cycles.

All of the Fresh ‘O™ systems are available in convenient dry powder forms that are easily hydrated in cold water. They can be used alone or blended into other marinade ingredients and can be applied by injection, spray, vacuum tumbling or static soaking.

The new Fresh ‘O™ systems offer cleaner labels and reduced sodium levels. They are highly effective at low usage levels. The result is an extremely versatile, cost effective system for enhancing all of your meat or seafood products.

For additional information on our Fresh ‘O™ systems, please contact Technical Services at (800)787-3067 or lab@afsnj.com.


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