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Juicier Meat and Seafood with our Proven TenderBite™ Product Line!

TenderBite™ is a special binding matrix that entraps moisture and natural juice inside meat and seafood upon cooking. Meat and seafood pre-treated with TenderBite™ maintain their tenderness after being frozen and reheated, especially in the microwave.

TenderBite™ gives the following benefits, depending on the application and need:

  • More tender (less dry and rubbery) and juicier texture, even in acidic sauces under microwave cooking.
  • Higher cooked yield.
  • Needs no or less phosphates.
  • Improve freeze-thaw stability with reduced or no syneresis.
  • Neutral in flavor.
  • Add directly with or without seasonings and spices into tumbler or mixer


TenderBite™ can be used in both meat and seafood products. The following are just some examples of this product line:

For more information about our TenderBite™ line or other products, please contact Technical Services at (800)787-3067.

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