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Custom-Designed SeasonRite Liquid Products – Flexible, Functional, & Flavorful!

For more than 25 Years, AFS has served our customers with customized problem-solving and development of functionally-effective products across almost all food categories. Most people value us for powder-form functional ingredients – but we also have been developing and manufacturing liquid products which serve the seasoning and beverage industries.

Some applications for food service and retail needs are best handled in liquid form. To that end, AFS can manufacture a wide variety of liquid products under strict HACCP and GMP procedures. We manufacture concentrates for tea and still beverages for reconstitution, ready to use functional sauces such as Teriyaki, Buffalo, hot sauces, as well as acidified foods such as garlic, roasted garlic, ginger, onion and roasted onion purees. These certainly encompass a wide range of viscosities and different functional requirements.

AFS can take powder-based functional technology & know-how and transform these into liquid systems. For example, our SeasonRite Hot & Spicy Glaze was specially developed for use on fried chicken wings. The glaze was developed to adhere extremely well to the wing without running off and, importantly, without soaking into the breading. The glaze is also specially formulated to impart great freeze-thaw stability to the wings – all in liquid form.

Similar to our SeasonRite dry ingredient systems, our SeasonRite liquid products also contain various custom-designed flavors and seasonings for various applications and customers.

For more information about our this or other products, please contact Technical Services at (800) 787-3067.

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