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Lose the Sodium; Keep the Flavor and Your Customers Healthy

Salt is an effective food preservative as well as a natural flavor enhancer and one of the world’s most useful and abundant minerals. It’s also a critical substance to so many different chemical reactions in our bodies, though it can come with major health risks if overly consumed.

Sodium comes from salt, which controls the volume and pressure of our blood and makes it an essential element in our diets. Most consumers take in way more sodium than what they need – an excess of 50% per day, according to the American Heart Association. Consuming too much sodium causes water retention in our bodies and places extra burden on the heart and pressure on blood vessels. This makes it more likely for consumers to develop cardiovascular and kidney disease and it can even cause stroke.

Nevertheless, consumers can make a difference in their health with smarter food choices that have great taste, yet are low in sodium. Advanced Food Systems, Inc. understands these health concerns. We’ve been developing salt replacers and salt substitutes for over 25 years. Let us help you integrate a change within your food ingredient system.

With ‘Custom Ingredient Systems for Flavor and Texture’ as our motto - not only do we deliver the needed solution - but we do this successfully without sacrificing the most enjoyable aspect of eating: experiencing food’s natural flavor and texture!

Salt Reduction Technologies

Depending on what your formulation goal is, AFS offers two valuable solutions to reduce sodium content without sacrificing flavor.

Salt Replacer

Easy and effective in formulas that have added salt

With bitterness as a common trait in many sea salt replacers, a change is within reach with the Sea Salt Replacer T#2. This careful formulation, delivering a clean, natural flavor, can cut sodium levels by 50% when used in a ratio of 1:1 for any added salt in your formula,

It’s also allergen-free.

     Wide range of applications: Soups, Sauces, Dips, Dressings, Seasonings.

     Extra perfect in Meat Marinade formulations (vacuum tumbling and injection) .

     Ideal in reduced sodium Meat Applications where salt is needed for functionality, not just flavor.

     Beneficial in developing today’s healthier, smarter dietary Entrée and Snack choices.

Salt Substitute

Ideal in formulas that require stringent sodium guidelines

Designed to heighten the perception of salt, the Salt Substitute NTF-25, which contains no salt, hold its own in successfully modulating and enhancing your formula’s flavor. This is especially valuable where salt guidelines are extremely strict or formulators have little control over added salt because salt already exists in particular components such as cheese. With custom tweaking done by end formulator, it can replace between 25-75% of salt.

     Wide range of applications: Soups, Sauces, Dips, Dressings, Seasonings.

     Beneficial in developing today’s healthier, smarter dietary Entrée and Snack choices.

     A clean-label friendly version, Salt Substitute CL T#1, is also available.

For additional information on our products, please contact  Technical Service  at (800) 787-3067 or lab@afsnj.com.
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