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Chicken wings are one of America’s most popular finger foods. Rising prices, limited supply and consumers that are always looking for something new have made it more important than ever for chicken wing processors to optimize yield and throughput while creating new and exciting products.


SeasonRite® Marinade and Seal ‘N Crisp® systems for Buffalo and BBQ wings. These unique flavored marinade and coating systems impart bold Buffalo or BBQ flavors without the need for post-cook glazing. These ingredient systems provide high cooked yield, simplified processing and gives a “less messy” eating experience for the consumers. The finished wings can be re-heated in a fryer or oven.

Chef-Ready® and SeasonRite® topical seasonings are applied to wings post-cook using a spice shaker or by simply tossing the wings with the seasoning in a bowl to coat evenly. The seasonings have excellent adhesion with enhanced flavor, as well as visual appeal of naked or breaded wings.

Our newest flavor profiles include:

  • Salt & Vinegar
  • Nacho Cheese,
  • Korean BBQ
  • Spicy Korean BBQ
  • Cool Ranch
  • Habanero Lime
  • Chipotle BBQ.

Sealtite® Chicken Wing Marinade CL and Seal ‘N Crisp® CLW are a clean label marinade and coating system that provides excellent cook yield, a tender juicy texture, a clean savory chicken flavor and crispy texture. A gluten-free coating is also available.

Advanced Food Systems® would like to remind chicken processors of our extensive line of ingredients developed specifically for wings. We offer many marinades, coatings, seasonings, glazes and sauces which improve the yield, appearance, flavor and texture of wings thus improving your bottom line and expanding your offerings.

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