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As the days shorten and temperatures drop, consumers seek comfort foods that elicit feelings of warmth and nourishment. No other food does this better than soup. AFS offers an array of easy to use systems and products that improve texture and enhance the flavor and stability of soups.

Chef-Ready® Stock Bases  are powdered flavor systems that readily hydrate in water. They are flexible enough to use as either soup foundations or to increase the overall flavor of the soup. Their high flavor intensity helps to improve flavor impact using fewer ingredients, allowing significant cost savings. They are available in Chicken, Beef, Vegetable, Turkey, Pork and Seafood flavors.

Chef-Ready® Soup Bases  are complete texture and flavor systems for producing finished soups. These cost-effective bases require minimal processing and provide the soup full flavor and improved stability. A wide variety of profiles are available including Broccoli Cheddar Cheese, Cream of Mushroom and Creamy Tomato Basil. Clean-label and low-sodium options are available as well.

The  Actoloid®  product line offers several options to improve soup texture and stability.  Actoloid® 665  provides a smooth consistency and high viscosity without masking flavors.  Actoloid® 2789  and  Actoloid® 2124  both improve high-temperature emulsion and steam table stability in cream-based and high-fat soups. All three products improve freeze/thaw performance and are easily dispersible.

 AFS ingredients can create healthier soups without sacrificing flavor and texture.  AFS Salt Replacers  and  Salt Substitutes  reduce sodium up to 50% while providing a clean flavor.  ReadiCream®  products significantly reduce fat by replacing liquid heavy cream and half & half.  AFS Cheese  and  Butter Flavor Boosters’  intense yet balanced flavor profiles allow formulators to replace a portion of high fat, high sodium and high cost cheese or butter ingredients.  AFS Savory Booster Flavors  are clean-label alternatives to MSG, I&G and HVP. Several flavor profiles are available or one can be custom blended to meet your needs.

For additional information on AFS products, please contact   Technical Service  at (800) 787-3067 or  lab@afsnj.com .

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