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Worrying about Rising Dairy Costs? Let AFS Show you how to lower Rising Costs with our Dairy Products.

With dairy prices continuing to rise, climbing more than 25%, consumers are now looking to cut costs anywhere they can in anticipation of what’s to come as this rise is predicted to continue. Milk prices have been creeping upward since mid-2013 because of global demand for milk powders, and accelerated recently as domestic cheese posted an all-time high price at $2.36 a pound at the end of January.

AFS offers an array of product lines that replace Dairy Ingredients and provide significant cost reductions.

Our ReadiCream are an innovative line of powdered dairy systems designed to be hydrated and serve as 1:1 replacement for liquid heavy cream and half & half in sauces, soups, casseroles, beverages, and bakery products. ReadiCream ® products improve the emulsion and freeze/thaw stability of the final product and provide the same mouthfeel as real dairy ingredients. These products also provide significant costs savings from 25% to 75% due to easy inventory control, shipping and handling, as well as longer shelf life and ambient storage.

Our Cheese and Dairy Boosters are specially designed dairy flavor systems to enhance the flavor of cheese or dairy based products. These products provide cost savings as they reduce or replace costly dairy components while boosting the flavor in the finished product. Additional savings can be obtained due to no refrigeration requirement and longer shelf life. This product line is available in different flavor profiles such as Butter , Cream , American , Romano , Parmesan , Cheddar , just to name a few, but AFS can create other profiles upon request.

AFS’ expert culinary and food science team provides customized solutions that enhance the quality of your products and provide cost savings. Our ingredient systems   are consistent in price, supply, as well as quality which in return will lower rising costs of your dairy products.

Make AFS your technical partner for innovative food ingredient solutions!

For additional information on our products, please contact Technical Service at (800) 787-3067 or lab@afsnj.com.  

Advanced Food Systems®, Inc. : developers and manufacturers of custom ingredient systems for the perfect balance of flavor and texture!

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