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Rice – Convenience Was Never Easier!

Rice, naturally low-fat and nutrient rich, is a dietary staple in many households. It can be served as a side dish, or mixed with vegetables and proteins for a complete meal. However, cooking rice from scratch is a time consuming and laborious process. AFS is proud to introduce our latest products designed to provide convenience, while maintaining the homemade texture and flavor of rice dishes.

Retort Rice

Actoloid® RRS is a neutral flavored emulsifier / stabilizer system for rice that is retorted in pouches. When mixed with water and oil Actoloid® RRS creates a retort stable oil in water emulsion that can then be mixed with rice, IQF meat, IQF vegetables and seasonings. The emulsion provides enough viscosity to keep all components evenly distributed and suspended during deposition into pouches while the retort stability of the emulsion prevents burning. The final rice product is free flowing and has a natural, fresh cooked texture.

AFS also offers a line of Chef-Ready® Seasonings specially designed for retort rice. These seasoning blends are formulated to maintain flavor and color during high heat processing. Available flavor profiles include southwestern, sun-dried tomato basil, stir-fry and chicken.

IQF Rice

SeasonRite® IQF Rice Seasoning systems are a complete blend of function and flavor for IQF rice that is reheated in microwavable steamer type bags. The seasonings can be applied in a paddle type mixer and will evenly coat and adhere to IQF rice and added ingredients, such as vegetables and meats. SeasonRite® IQF Rice Seasoning is designed to prevent the rice from sticking during microwave reheating and help bind extra moisture that may be released from the vegetables and meat. The rice blend can be used to make finished entrees, side dishes or used in fillings for hand held snacks. Many flavor profiles are available, including stir-fry, Italian, Korean BBQ, Paella, Mexican, Kimchi Fried Rice, Pork and Shrimp fried rice, or one can be created for you.

Actoloid® RRS , Chef-Ready® Seasonings and SeasonRite® IQF Rice Seasonings are all dry bases that are easy to store and use. The systems provide customized solutions that enhance the quality of your products and provide cost savings.

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