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Create Perfectly Breaded Chicken with Seal ‘N Crisp Systems from AFS!

Perfectly breaded chicken is moist and juicy inside, crisp and crunchy outside. Unfortunately, keeping breading on skin-on chicken without fully frying has been a challenge. Poor adhesion causes breading to fall off during re-heating or eating. Coatings that do stay on are often hard and form a shell around the product rather than adhering to the chicken, creating an undesirable gap between the chicken and the coating.

New products in the AFS Seal ‘N Crisp ® product line can help improve batter adhesion for perfectly breaded skin-on chicken! Seal ‘N Crisp® Precoat SOC and Seal ‘N Crisp® Batter SOC are specially developed pre-dust and breading systems designed for skin-on chicken pieces, such as wings, breasts, thighs and drumsticks that are par-fried and fully- cooked then frozen.

Seal ‘N Crisp® Precoat SOC is designed to prepare the chicken for batter by providing uniform coverage of skin and areas of exposed muscle protein. The pre-coat absorbs free surface water from the chicken as well as water that is released during cooking. This creates a tacky interface that helps the batter adhere to the skin during reheating. The final product has the perfect balance of juiciness inside and crunchiness outside.

Seal ‘N Crisp® Batter SOC provides excellent adhesion to skin that has been treated with Seal ‘N Crisp® Precoat SOC during the batter / breading process as well as throughout the cooking process. Improved adhesion reduces gapping between the coating and chicken and shelling that often occurs during cooking. The final product has a very crispy yet flexible texture.

Seal ‘N Crisp® Precoat SOC and Seal ‘N Crisp® Batter SOC systems are dry bases that are easy to store and use. They are excellent choices to improve adhesion to chicken skin during the batter and breading process, the cooking process and the re-heating process.

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