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Reduce or Eliminate Phosphate Costs While Maintaining Yield and Quality with Actobind® Products!

For over 25 years, AFS has been the leader in specialty marinade systems to maximize yield and quality of meat and poultry products. While most processors use Actobind® systems in conjunction with phosphates, many of the Actobind® products can provide excellent yield and texture with low to no level of sodium phosphates.

In the current climate of ever increasing transportation and ingredient costs, sodium phosphate is no different: its cost has increased more than 95% in the last ten months. By eliminating or reducing Phosphate in formulation, the Actobind® line of products provide significant cost savings by increasing cook yields while still maintaining the quality your customers have come to expect. Advantages also include cleaner labels, enhanced texture and flavor release.

Actobind® products are available for a wide variety of products, processing methods, and finished product types from raw marinated to fully cooked and retorted products. They can also meet specialized requirements such as all- natural and allergen-free.

Call us today to find the best Actobind® product to meet your processing and product requirements.For more information about our this or other products, please contact Technical Services at (800) 787-3067.

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