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Solving Sticky Situations with AFS MicroSeal™ Systems!

Oil is typically used to prevent products from sticking during processing, and upon microwaving or oven reconstitution. The oils, however, typically do not coat the products evenly.

Our proven MicroSeal™ system is a unique product that, when hydrated in cold water and combined with a far less amount of oil, creates a special emulsion that can be used to coat frozen or refrigerated pre-cooked pasta, noodles, rice, or vegetables. This system keeps the individual pieces from sticking together.

This low-oil emulsion, which coats products much more evenly than plain oil, prevents dehydration, shrinkage, and sticking during microwaving or oven reconstitution. Emulsions made with MicroSeal™ also prevent freezer burn during extended periods of storage.

Since MicroSeal™ systems are dry powders, they give our customers the flexibility to create new products by incorporating a variety of oils, such as olive, sesame, peanut, or butter flavored, to meet individualized product requirements. MicroSeal™ systems can also be blended with seasonings to create specific flavor profiles and allow the components of these seasoning blends to adhere firmly to the product during cooking.

The MicroSeal™ systems contribute fewer calories and less fat to the final product’s nutritional label due to their low application rates.

MicroSeal™ systems come in different types. The 999-A system is plain with no added flavors. The 999-8 system provides a pleasant buttery taste and aroma. The 1000-N system is a natural version with no added flavor. Customized flavored variations can also be developed for other specialized applications and customers.

For more information about our MicroSeal™ line or other products, please contact Technical Services at (800) 787-3067.

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