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Fruit Pie Solutions

Fruit pies and cobblers are one of the most popular deserts, in the summer as well all year round.  Due to natural water content of fruit, either fresh or IQF, pies present many challenges to formulators looking to develop a fully-baked, par-baked or raw pies that are frozen and then cooked by the end user. To maintain product quality from producer to the customer’s table, frozen desserts must address free water and the impact that it can have on both the crust and filling.

Actogel ® FCS is a specially designed system to help manage water in fruit pie fillings.  It disperses and hydrates quickly so it can be sprinkled directly onto to fresh or IQF fruit during mixing.  By controlling syneresis during mixing, it improves freeze/thaw stability and enhances the filling texture after baking.  Actogel ® FCS can also be used on single fruit pies or pies that use blends of different fruits and also work on pies that are re-heated in the microwave. With Actogel ® FCS , your finished product gains the stabilization needed to ensure the desired consistency and meet your processing needs.

Give your customers what they deserve with AFS’ innovative food solutions designed and developed by our expert culinary and food science team.

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In addition to Actogel ® FCS , we offer more products developed for pies and other baked items.

Sealtite ® Moisture Barrier AP-9 -

An ingredient system designed to prevent/reduce moisture migration from fillings into the crust.

Easy Brown ® -

These systems can be used to help expedite color development on pastry dough during baking.

BakeRite ® ER -

A custom developed dry ingredient system that is designed to replace 45% - 100% of liquid eggs or whole egg solids.

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