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Never encounter the mess of accidental spills from unwrapped dough skins anymore!

Sealtite® FB-17 also works well to seal thinner products such as tortilla skins, wonton skins, and spring rolls at a lower usage level, compared to usage on the thicker skins. Hydrated Sealtite® FB-17 in water can be easily applied onto various skins using brush-on, extrusion, and/or spray (lower concentration) application.

Sealtite® FB-17 is one of the edible adhesives products carefully designed and manufactured by our R&D, Technical Service, and Production teams. In addition to the adhesives ones, we also produce various Non-adhesives Sealtite® systems designed for different applications, such as:

  1. Sealtite® Sprayed on System works for pizza crust, baked shells, and pastry products to prevent or reduce moisture migration from sauces, fillings, topping to crust, or baked items.
  2. Predust System provides excellent moisture barrier to produce juicy textures on the inside and very crispy texture on the outside.
  3. Precoat System provides excellent moisture barrier and less oil absorption of fried products.
  4. Marinade System retains marinade during processing as well as increase cook-yield and juiciness.

For more information about Sealtite® or any other AFS products, please contact Technical Services at (800) 787-3067.

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