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Non-Dairy Dairy Replacer

With over thirty years’ experience, AFS offers a large catalog of products manufactured for the food industry. By meeting customer challenges with products designed to meet ingredient specifications, production requirements and labeling restrictions, AFS continues to provide innovative cost-effective solutions for food processors.

AFS would like to introduce ReadiCream ® ND , the newest addition to our line of ReadiCream ® products. It is our non-dairy, PHO and allergen free product that when hydrated is designed to be 1:1 replacement for liquid heavy cream or other dairy products.  Although replacing real dairy, ReadiCream ® ND provides an authentic fresh dairy taste and excellent mouthfeel resulting in no loss of quality in finished product.  ReadiCream ® ND hydrates easily in ambient or warm water and is intended for use in cooked sauces, soups, side dishes, casseroles, bakery products and even beverage products.  It can also be added to recipes as a dry ingredient to add and enhance creamy flavor and texture

ReadiCream ® ND gives the formulator greater control of nutritional constraints by having a significantly lower amount of fat and calories, as well as no allergens. ReadiCream ® ND is the perfect solution for processors that target vegetarian and environmental conscious consumers.  ReadiCream ® ND has excellent color and flavor stability in both kettle cooked and retort conditions.

Our ReadiCream ® systems save processors time and reduce transportation and storage cost.  Additional savings are provided by long shelf-life at ambient temperature, rather than refrigerated storage, since it is an easy-to-use powder system.

For additional information on ReadiCream ® or other products developed for meat, poultry, fish or prepared food industries, please contact the AFS Research and Development team.

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