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AFS Flavor Boosters Improve Flavor and Healthiness and Cut Costs!

New consumer demands have required food manufacturers and processors to search for economical, yet easy methods of developing healthy and full-flavored products. AFS Flavor Boosters for Cheese, Butter and Savory Flavors are functional flavor systems designed to reduce or replace costly, high fat or high sodium components without sacrificing flavor or texture. Extremely versatile, AFS Flavor Boosters can be used in a wide array of products.

Cost Reduction:

AFS Flavor Boosters are powdered flavor   systems that have an intense yet balanced profile that allows formulators to reduce or replace high cost ingredients without affecting the flavor of the end product. Cheese and butter are often two of the most expensive ingredients in formulations. AFS Cheese Boosters   and   Butter Flavor Boosters can replace a portion of cheese or butter, allowing formulators to reduce overall use in the end product. For example, adding 0.30% of an AFS Cheese Booster to an Alfredo sauce can reduce total cheese from 8.50% to 5.50%, a replacement of 1 part AFS Cheese Booster to 10 parts cheese.

Healthier Foods:

AFS Flavor Boosters can help create healthier foods by replacing high fat, high sodium ingredients such as cheese and butter without sacrificing taste. AFS Savory Booster Flavors offer clean label alternatives to MSG, I&G and HVP.


All AFS Flavor Boosters are dry bases that are easy to store and use. They can be added to seasonings to increase the intensity of cheese and butter notes or overall savoriness. They can be added to dry soup, sauce and dressing bases or to the final liquid product. Other applications include: meat marinades, fillings, bakery products, snacks, stuffing, hand-held products, pizza, shredded cheeses and more. AFS Flavor Boosters are available in a multitude of different flavor profiles and can be customized to meet your needs. These flavor boosters are an excellent choice to improve flavor impact, reduce costs and create healthier foods.

For additional information on AFS Flavor Boosters , please contact Technical Service at (800) 787-3067 or lab@afsnj.com .

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