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Manage Rising Food Costs With Functional Ingredient Systems from AFS!

Corn crop damage caused by the drought of 2012 is going to affect food prices across all categories in the coming year. As the primary ingredient in livestock feed, corn supply shortages will drive price increases in dairy, eggs, beef, poultry and pork products. The AFS technical team can recommend or develop functional ingredient systems that can help offset the rising costs of these ingredients. Our team can formulate economical systems that can reduce or replace costly components, increase product yield, extend shelf life, and maximize process efficiencies without sacrificing flavor and texture.

Dairy Replacers

ReadiCream® and Milk Plus™ product lines are specially-designed dairy powder systems used to replace costly Heavy Cream, Half & Half, milk, and other dairy products. The systems do not require refrigeration and easily hydrate in water. Finished products are similar in flavor, mouth-feel, and color to real dairy products and are significantly lower in cost. Additional benefits include good stabilization and emulsion properties, freeze/thaw and heat stable end products and minimal seasonal flavor fluctuations.

AFS Flavor Boosters

AFS Cheese Boosters® and   Butter Flavor Boosters™ are functional   flavor systems designed to reduce or replace high fat and costly cheese or butter components without sacrificing flavor. Their high flavor intensity allows significant cost savings and helps to improve flavor impact while their low fat content reduces fat in the finished product. Available cheese flavor profiles include American, Cheddar, Parmesan and Romano, or one can be customized to mimic the characteristics of specific cheeses.

Cooked Yield & Shelf Life Improvement

Actobind® , TenderBite® and SeasonRite® Marinades are binding systems for beef, poultry, pork and seafood. These easy to use systems increase cooked yield, improve freeze/thaw stability and help maintain a tender and juicy texture upon reheating in whole muscle or comminuted proteins. Versions are available to accommodate injection, vacuum tumbling and static soak application methods. We have a wide range of available flavor profiles or one can be developed for you.

Maximize Process Efficiencies

Stream-line your production process with a customized pre-blended ingredient system from AFS. Pre-blends combine flavor and function in one economical, easy to use system. Using pre-blends helps reduce the number of raw materials that need to be stored and measured in-house, helping to better control inventory and minimize batching errors.

AFS functional ingredient systems help manage rising raw material costs and improve your bottom line. Make AFS your technical partner for innovative food ingredient solutions!

For additional information on our products, please contact Technical Service at (800) 787-3067 or lab@afsnj.com .

Advanced Food Systems, Inc. : developers and manufacturers of custom ingredient systems for the perfect balance of flavor and texture!

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