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Looking to Halt Ever-Increasing Dairy Ingredient Costs? We Have Just the Solution for You!

Our ReadiCream® and Milk Plus™ Product Lines replace Dairy Ingredients and provide significant cost reductions!

Our ReadiCream® and Milk Plus™ product lines are specially-designed dairy powder systems used to replace Heavy Cream (HC), Half & Half (HH), milk, and other dairy/non-dairy products, thus significantly reducing cost.

ReadiCream® rehydrates easily in hot (below 160 deg F), warm, or cold water. It also provides creamier and more stable sauces than regular Heavy Cream or Half & Half. A ready-to-use solution can be prepared just before making sauces, soups and bakery products. In addition, our ReadiCream® products can be dry-blended with other ingredients (seasoning, flavors, thickeners, etc.) before being added to a batch.

Our Milk Plus™ products, when hydrated in whole milk, can be used as a 1:1 replacement for heavy cream in sauces, soups, and bakery products. The finished product is similar in flavor, mouth-feel, and color to heavy cream and is significantly lower in cost. Milk Plus™ is a dry system that requires no refrigeration. It can also be hydrated in water, thereby contributing dairy flavor with significant calorie reduction in the end product.

What about Reducing Fat Content of your products while cutting cost? Both ReadiCream® and Milk Plus™ will do just that! ReadiCream® HC-22 for example, has approximately 82% less fat compared to Liquid Heavy Cream; ReadiCream® HH-60 has about 56% less fat compared to Liquid Half & Half; and Milk Plus™ has approximately 74% less fat compared to Liquid Heavy Cream.

ReadiCream® and Milk Plus™ are some of many products carefully designed and manufactured by our R&D, Technical Service, and Production teams, whose experience and expertise provide our customers with creative culinary experiences as well as the latest advances in Food Science and Technology. We help our customers with Improved Texture and Flavor, Lowered Costs, Improved Process Control, and Development of New Products in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and R&D laboratory and kitchen.

Whether your needs are for products or cost improvements, new product development, or value-added functional ingredient systems, we are ready to turn your project into a success.

For more information about ReadiCream® or Milk Plus™ or any other AFS products, please contact Technical Services at (800)787-3067.

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