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The Solution to Home-Cooked Wings

It’s no secret, wings are one of the most popular foods in America. The National Chicken Council reports 81% of US adults eating wings regularly. The crispy golden fried skin covering the mouth-watering wing meat is an irresistible staple for every appetizer menu.

Yet, as popular as they are, wings can be challenging to cook at home. Conventional ovens tend to leave wings dried out & overcooked while the skin is soggy and dull. Deep frying is less healthy and not always an option.

The solution to making delicious, crispy wings at home is the AFS Oven Recon Wing (ORW) system. This marinade and precoat combination is designed for fully-cooked, frozen wings or par-fried, frozen wings to be reheated in a conventional home oven.

Using SeasonRite® Marinade ORW and  Seal ‘N Crisp® ORW will give cook-at-home wings the perfect crispy texture and flavor of a fried wing with only a conventional oven.

The Oven Recon Wing system offers a healthier option than deep fried wings with easy preparation in a conventional oven, a pizza oven or a high-speed oven. These golden brown, crispy wings are the perfect treat as an appetizer, on game day or as an after-school snack.

SeasonRite® Marinade ORW provides a high cook yield using clean label and phosphate free ingredients. The marinade prevents warmed over flavor development while offering a balanced savory flavor.

Seal ‘N Crisp® ORW Precoat systems help to seal in moisture throughout cooking and reheating to keep the meat juicy. It produces a crispy, fried-like texture even after oven reheating. Seal ‘N Crisp ORW provides golden-brown coloring and keeps the wings crispy upon cooling. The precoat is available in a gluten-free version.

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