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SeasonRite™ Marinades – Tastefully Increase Cook Yield and Improve Appearance!

Advanced Food Systems is pleased to announce our new and improved SeasonRite™ Marinade (SRM) & SeasonRite™ Marinade Injection (SRMI) product line. These products are useful across a wide variety of substrates and can deliver a wide variety of traditional and contemporary flavors.

These functional marinades improve both visual and palatable appeal of the final product. Versions are available with natural binding systems with reduced sodium and with or without phosphates.

The SeasonRite™ Marinades can be applied to beef, chicken, fish, shellfish and pork. They can be used in fully-cooked and frozen/refrigerated, microwavable products, raw refrigerated and ground products. Different versions of SRMs are available for tumbling, SRMI or static soaking.

Some of available flavor profiles include: Chili Lime Garlic, Caribbean, Buffalo, Hoisin, Kim Chi, Hickory Grill, Mesquite, Memphis BBQ, Whiskey Smoke, Mediterranean, Wine Herb, New Orleans, Santa Fe, Madras, Mojo and many others.

These flavored marinades are an excellent choice to enhance flavor, increase cook yield, improve appearance and value or add a new creative item to an existing product line. They are bold enough to be used alone or for complementing a sauce or glaze. All SeasonRite™ Marinades are dry bases and can be customized to meet your needs.

For more information about our SeasonRite™ line or other products, please contact Technical Services at (800) 787-3067.

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