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Frozen Pizza never tasted better!

Processing frozen pizza presents several challenges that can give the final product characteristics that are less than appetizing, including soggy crusts, dried sauce and tasteless toppings. Advanced Food Systems offers an array of products to ensure frozen pizza tastes as good as fresh from the pizzeria.


  • Easy-Brown™ Systems are multifunctional browning systems for baked goods that produce a consistent golden brown color. They also prevent moisture migration into crust and are easy to use.
  • Sealtite® Barrier Pizza Crust #9 is a spray solution for pizza crust that prevents/reduces moisture migration from sauces and toppings. It also reduces surface dehydration during frozen storage.
  • TexRite® PC is a dough conditioning system that provides fresh homemade texture to pre-baked frozen pizza crust. It improves sheetability and freeze/thaw stability of dough and keeps the crust moist and tender after microwave re-heating.


  • Chef-Ready® Instant Pizza Sauce Base is added to crushed tomatoes to produce a cold make-up, hearty pizza sauce with a traditional flavor and excellent freeze/thaw and bake stability.
  • Actoloid® PS is a stabilizer that increases the viscosity of pizza sauce and prevents moisture migration during refrigerated storage.


  • AFS Cheese Boosters® increase the flavor impact and flowability of shredded cheeses. These systems can reduce or replace high-fat and costly cheese components allowing reduced fat and significant cost savings.
  • SeasonRite® Marinades are flavored marinade systems that create flavorful meat toppings. They improve yield and help prevent / reduce flavor degradation.
  • Seal ‘N Glaze VT protects vegetables from freezer burn during storage and prevents purge during reconstitution.
  • Seal ‘N Stick is an adhesive for pizza toppings that prevents them from chipping off or breaking during packaging and shipping.

Frozen pizza offer consumers convenience and value. Advanced Food Systems’ products provide customized solutions that enhance the quality of pizza components and provide cost savings.

For additional information on our products, please contact Technical Service at (800) 787-3067 or lab@afsnj.com .

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