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Flavorful Fajita Marinades & Seasonings with Function

Year after year, traditional Mexican and Tex-Mex foods have been two of the most popular cuisines in North America. Within these cuisines, fajita is one of the more commonly known and prepared dishes due to its delicious flavor and convenience. In its early days, fajita was originally made from grilled, sliced beef skirt steaks. Today, the dish has evolved into new forms and has since substituted its beef skirt with chicken, pork, shrimp, fish and even vegetables. We’ve developed and manufactured a wide variety of texture and flavor systems for fajitas in our SeasonRite® Marinade, SeasonRite® Seasoning and Chef-Ready® Seasoning products.

Whether fully-cooked/frozen, fully-cooked/refrigerated, or raw-marinated/refrigerated, followed by raw/frozen, our SeasonRite® Marinade Fajita is the perfect choice for fajitas made beef, chicken, pork or seafood. They are complete, ready-to-use systems made to increase cook yield, enhance texture and mouthfeel, while simultaneously improving flavor. These marinades also contain ingredients that will help prevent the development of undesirable, warmed-over flavor that can occur during re-heating. In addition, they aid in masking other unwelcomed flavors in imported meats or from seasonal variations in certain species. Options to extend shelf-life are available for fully-cooked/refrigerated products.

The fajita marinades are blends of functional and flavor ingredients, which facilitate processing and manufacturing throughput by improving slice-ability, shortening batching time, and reducing weighing errors. Purchasing and inventory control are also simplified since our ingredient systems are in one, easy-to-use blend.

If you’re looking to liven up your vegetable or other existing products, we recommend our SeasonRite® and Chef-Ready® Fajita Seasonings. They offer your vegetable fajitas a bold flavor, locked-in moisture control and improvements in texture. These functional seasoning blends can be added to your recipes for a boost in flavor and creating more visual appeal.

SeasonRite® and Chef-Ready® Seasonings are available in several different flavor profiles from traditional fajitas to bolder versions such as a savory fajita with ancho, al pastor, tequila lime and habanero lime. Custom flavor profiles can be created upon request. These seasoning blends come in clean label and low sodium options, also.

Contact us today so that we can help you with choosing the product that best fits your species, processing conditions, ingredient restrictions and finished product requirements. AFS, better texture and flavor systems for your products.

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