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Steak Marinade Solutions

Tender, flavorful and juicy are just a few terms associated with a good steak. Long considered a special occasion food, rising beef prices have forced processors to introduce different steaks or cuts sourced from lower grades of beef. Although less expensive than traditional or higher-grade cuts, these new steak options can be tough, dry or off-flavored.

AFS recently developed several new  TenderBite marinade systems  that deliver  flavor, juiciness and pleasing texture  to steak enthusiasts.  TenderBite  marinades are ideal for lean, poorly marbled or low-grade beef such as eye-round or swiss steaks. In addition to improving texture and flavor, these marinades extend red color retention in both raw marinated and frozen treated beef.

TenderBite  systems perform extremely well in both vacuum tumble and static soak conditions. Specifically designed for raw-frozen, individually packaged steaks,  TenderBite  steaks may be cooked directly from the freezer at lower temperatures using both pan or grill methods. Whether cooked rare or well-done,  TenderBite  steaks combine value, flavor and succulence with the convenience of shorter cooking times and cost savings through freezer-to-table portion control.

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