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AFS Custom Developed & Blended Ingredients – Consistent, Convenient & Cost Effective!

For more than 25 Years, AFS has served our customers with customized problem solving and development of functionally effective products in almost all food categories.

AFS ingredients are precisely blended to ensure even distribution of all ingredients. Both incoming raw materials and finish products must pass through quality control before being accepted or released. This eliminates batch to batch variations and ensures that products are consistently produced.

Since AFS custom develops products for our customers, all the critical and functional ingredients are included in one convenient blend. This facilitates inventory control and first-in first-out management. These blends help to reduce labor and eliminate any weighing issues that may results from having to dump multiple ingredients. AFS products can be packed in boxes or bag and even unit packed.

Cost Effective:
AFS ingredient systems help to reduce freight costs by eliminating the amount of raw materials that need to be brought in. This also helps to reduce the time and labor involved in preparing products as well and in maintaining accurate inventory.

For more information about our custom ingredient systems or our proven product lines, please contact Technical Services at (800) 787-3067.

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