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The Actobind® product series developed by Advanced Food Systems is a group of hydrocolloid texture and flavor systems that can be used to enhance quality and performance in various applications, including frozen meat/poultry and bakery products. They provide superior binding and water control.


A proprietary blend to be used in formed or structured chicken and red meat products, such as patties, nuggets, loaves, roasts, etc. It produces a firm and juicy texture with very high cooked yield and improved freeze/thaw stability of cooked meat.


A proprietary blend to be used in whole muscle formed and structured meat products (chicken, beef and pork). It produces very high cooked-yield by excellent retention of marinade before and during baking. The cooked texture is firm and juicy with minimum loss of natural fibrous bite (texture) of cooked meat. It also improves freeze/thaw stability of cooked meat.


Actobind® PCI-26 reduces production cost in semolina pasta. It also improves pasta cooked yield and texture after a series of freeze/thaw cycles.


A modified food starch that can be used for frozen or refrigerated products, which requires high viscosity, freeze / thaw stability, acid stability and thermal stability. The cooked solution is smooth, creamy and bland to taste without flavor masking.


A specially designed starch system that improves the cooked yield and texture of retorted chicken.


A proprietary texture system used to improve marinade retention of a whole chicken while providing juicy texture and high cook yield.


A neutral flavored, allergen free marinade system for half or whole chicken. Designed to improve marinade retention, it minimizes drip-loss and marinade migration. Its excellent suspension ensures even distribution during injection and facilitates processing by preventing settling in tank or needle clogging. The result is a final product that has a succulent texture and excellent cooked yield.


Actobind® RC-10NA is an allergen free, neutral marinade system that improves marinade retention while providing a juicy texture and higher cooked yield.


A specially designed stabilizer system used to prevent steamed eggs from purging and thus improve processing.


Actobind® TS-20 is a specially designed ingredient system that is used with tortilla shells to reduce shell breakage. It enhances corn flavor and appearance of tortilla shells.

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