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SeasonRite® Glaze

SeasonRite® Glaze is custom-designed glaze system for various applications. We can modify the flavor characteristics or develop new flavors.

SeasonRite® Glaze Chipotle Barbecue T#2

A dry glaze mix that disperses easily and hydrates in cold or hot water. This glaze can be applied on chicken before or after cooking. It protects

SeasonRite™ Glaze Hot & Spicy T#65

Custom designed, ready to use glaze for chicken that is typical of “buffalo wing” flavor and appearance. This glaze not only provides desirable flavor and color, but also better texture (more crispy) by not soaking through the breading.

SeasonRite™ Glaze Tangerine Orange T#6

A dry glaze that disperses and hydrates easily in cold (ambient) or hot water. Hydrated glaze base has an attractive color with visuals and a well-balanced flavor, which can be applied on chicken before or after cooking. The glaze not only provides great flavor and glossy sheen with visual particles, but it also protects chicken from freezer burn and dehydration in a conventional and/or microwave oven.

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