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Somerset, NJ, August 01, 2018 —

Offer new, interchangeable flavors while retaining functionality of improved freeze/thaw stability and reheated texture.

Arancini & Poppers

  • Seal ‘N Crisp® FVS provides excellent breading adhesion and crispy texture upon frying. Use with AFS seasonings to achieve varieties, such as:
    • Arancini - Four Cheese Arancini, Poblano Roasted Corn, Shrimp or Jambalaya Rice balls.
    • Poppers - Pizza, Spinach, Crab or Seafood Bisque poppers.

Shrimp & Crab Cakes

Popcorn Shrimp or Chicken

  • Actobind® CBS-1 improves cooked yield, gives firm juicy texture and freeze/thaw stability in Chicken.
  • Seal ‘N Crisp® Batter Base adheres to chicken or shrimp during cooking to maintain crispiness after freezing and frying.
  • TenderBite ANS is a natural or clean label static marinating system for shrimp offering excellent cooked yield with a juicy, tender texture and desirable red color.
  • Seal ‘N Saucy precoats with flavor and coating interface between chicken and breading.

Mini Meatballs

  • SeasonRite® Marinade QPM is a binding and texture system incorporating BBQ pork seasoning that provides excellent cooked yield with a firm, moist texture.


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