Advanced Food Systems Develops Salt Replacers

Somerset, NJ, February 12, 2008 —

Sodium reductions of up to 50%, without sacrificing flavor impact, are made possible by a new line of salt replacers and salt substitutes from Advanced Food Systems. Salt replacers contain some salt, while salt substitutes do not. By simply replacing salt with these ingredients in existing formulations, sodium can be significantly reduced in a wide range of products such as snacks, sauces, gravies, dressings, spices and seasonings.

AFS Salt Replacer T#16 and AFS Sea Salt Replacer T#2 are made with natural flavors, are allergen free and specially formulated to provide a clean flavor and minimize the bitterness which is common to many salt replacers. For labeling purposes, Sea Salt Replacer T#2 is made with a small amount of sea salt but contains 50% less sodium.

AFS Salt Substitute NTF-25 is a salt substitute with excellent saltiness and minimum bitterness, and may be substituted for 25 to 50 percent of salt in a variety of foods.

Advanced Food Systems provides complete technical support and formulation assistance. For more information, contact Chris Kelly at Advanced Food Systems, Inc., 21 Roosevelt Avenue, Somerset, NJ 08873 USA, 800-787-3067.

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